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There’s no wrong way to…

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

… read a classic! I’ve just finished J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, my first ever e-book, read entirely on my iPod Touch. Given how quickly I read it and how small my screen is in comparison to a standard paperback, I need to purchase a copy just to be sure my e-book wasn’t condensed! (At least, this is the “logical justification” I will use regarding the necessity of a hard copy. I think it makes perfect sense, don’t you?)

Even though I’ve been online for well over ten years, I’ve only recently entered the electronic age of literature; I ended up listening to more of Jane Eyre than I read last semester (though I still fully intend to read the book, I promise!), and listened to most of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Herland for one of my history book reports this semester, as well, but those and my very recent e-reader application on the iPod are my only forays into non-print books. While I love being able to multitask, I’m VERY picky about the voice of audiobook readers, and have a difficult time tuning out any background noise, so if I’m at the office, those are probably best for re-reads. The nice thing about the e-books on my iPod is that if I’m in an unexpected situation where I wish I’d brought a book (like my 45-minute wait to see a doctor last week), I have several from which to choose without having had to think about it ahead of time. Which, as any of you who know me can attest, is a good thing. Really.

What about you, do you e-book, or are you a paper purist? Do you read full-length books on your computer, an e-reader, an iPod, or other hand-held device? How about audiobooks? I’m currently using Stanza on my iPod Touch, which has multiple sources for public domain books; I’ve used LibriVox for audio on the computer, and am familiar with Gutenberg, as well. Have any favorite sources I’ve not listed?

Welcome, bookish sorts!

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Welcome to FolioFiles, one booklovin’ Femme’s home on the web. Book reviews, updates on favorite series, local event alerts and more will be posted here with some sort of regularity beginning this June.

Genres that will receive particular attention are:

Queer/gender-related fiction and non-fiction

YA/children’s fiction, emphasis on fantasy

Women’s literature from the last century

“Classic” novels from around the world

Most of what I share here will either spring from or be duplicated on LibraryThing, the most wonderful book cataloging and book discussion hosting site on the web. Feel free to find me there if you are also a member!

My LibraryThing profile

My personal library

My reading challenge for 2009

You can also click in the fabulous animated widget above to view more details of any of the books whose covers appear. Go ahead, try it! Just click anywhere outside of the box when you’re done to come back to my entry.

For now, I’d love a wave from anyone who pops in so I can get an idea of who has come to play – let me know your current reads, your favorite author, your top five books of all time, anything that will put you on my book buddy radar.

Again, welcome, and thank you for joining me!

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