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Readathon Top 10 and check-in

Written by Kirsten on October 17th, 2015

dewey day and night

I always get to this point in the day and think, “How is it possible that more than 5 hours have already passed??” And since this is also when I think, “Jeez, I’ve hardly read anything besides social media in the last five hours,” I will leave you with this Readathon Top 10 I wrote for the Hour 5 mini-challenge, and I will go READ :)

Top 10 ways to enjoy the 24-hour Readathon:

10. Choose a short, easy read first: it’s good to have a sense of accomplishment early on!
9. Don’t slog through anything you’re not feeling.
8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
7. Caffeinate, caffeinate, caffeinate! :-P
6. Have a variety of places to read, in various positions: sitting upright, curled up, reclining, etc.
5. Snacks! Fruit, raw veggies, pretzels, deli meats, olives, cheese, anything easy to eat with one hand while holding a book with the other.
4. Have an audiobook ready for when you need both hands; showering, driving, cooking, etc.
3. Get up and move around the room at least once an hour, even if it’s just to shake out your limbs and wiggle a bit to get the blood flowing.
2. Let everyone know you’re readathon-ing, so they can join you, cheer you, or leave you the heck alone! ;)
1. Engage with fellow readers on social media. Don’t worry about how much time you’re spending not-reading, because while it is a “readathon,” the spirit of the thing is about reading communally, sharing the love of reading, and meeting other people also crazy enough to dedicate a solid 24 hours to the greatest pastime in the world!


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  1. dodibus says:

    Hello! Go on with reading! I’m quite tired, so I’m spending time on-line to relax a little. Here in Italy is 1.00 pm and I’d like to go to sleep…

  2. Jillrose says:

    OMG I know what you mean and you know the worst I ALWAYS get tagged in the pics on faoecbok and everyone then LIKES it before I even get to see it, but they are HORRID one from a camp a few weeks ago I had my eyes completely shut and some of my friends then decided to make comments under it, I was like arghhh poo I don’t think I’ve ever had a good running pic EVER and the crazy thing is I’ve even posed or well tried to as I know the camera is there and I STILL FAIL it’s like a running conspiracy haha Smart about those Clif bars you know I really think you should get a sponsorship you’re doing so well at promoting them that I am crazing one arghh hehe!

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