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Kirsten Griffith is a twenty-something student, freelance writer and editor, and full-time administrative specialist (but you can call her a secretary – it’s ok). She taught herself to read at the age of three, and since then, parents, friends, bosses, and lovers have felt her wrath upon trying to wrangle her out of a book, particularly if there are fewer than twenty pages to go. She lives in San Francisco with her partner, Rachel; two cats; two lovely roommates; and her ever-growing library.

Her rating policy loosely translates to the following:

half starstar emptystar emptystar emptystar empty: I read it. Or tried to. Epic FAIL. Comments will most assuredly follow.

starstar emptystar emptystar emptystar empty: It could have been worse, but not by much. Probably read at least half, and felt it a waste of precious reading time.

starstarstar emptystar emptystar empty: Tolerable once, but won’t be revisiting this unless it’s on a syllabus. And then, I’ll probably doubt the professor’s reader cred.

starstarstarstar emptystar empty: Great premise, didn’t care for the voice, or loved the writing, wasn’t crazy about the book; will try another title.

starstarstarhalf starstar empty: A good, solid read. Not phenomenal, but may read again, and would probably recommend.

starstarstarstarstar empty: A great book, overall. Definitely re-read material, and will seek out other works by the author, if I haven’t already.

starstarstarstarhalf star: Nearly perfect; only short some je ne sais quois that prevents it from entering the upper echelon.

starstarstarstarstar: Can find no fault with this book. Something everyone should be compelled to read. Twice.

Clearly, these ratings are completely subjective, and some may seem arbitrary to you, based on your opinion of a rated title. Please know that I respect every reader’s right to an opinion, including one that varies wildly from my own, and I welcome and encourage constructive discussion about the differences in our opinions on any book, in comments on a post or privately in e-mail. Any discussion that devolves into disrespectful, destructive, or otherwise potentially harmful commentary will be deleted and the author privately contacted. A second occurrence will necessitate the banning of that individual from commenting further.

And on that happy note, thank you for visiting, and welcome to FolioFiles on FemmeFlavor dot com – I’m so glad to have you!

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