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Free-Form Friday

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

it’s still technically Friday because I’m still awake, right?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how different my life would be if I were a parent. What I couldn’t do that I can right now; what I would do but don’t think to now; what I’d want to do to make sure that I was giving a kid the best life possible. Part of me feels like every minute should be spent in some kind of interaction, some supervised productive activity, some way to engage. But that’s just not realistic. Sometimes kids have to do their own thing. And it’s not always going to be edifying, or educating, or enlightening. Sometimes they just get to be kids. And that’s okay. No, it’s not okay to sit in front of a screen of some sort every waking minute. No, it’s not okay to refuse to ingest anything with any kind of nutritional value. But it is okay to have different preferences and tastes.

The trick is, finding ways to bring the two extremes together. Video games aren’t all violent, and movies aren’t all mind-numbing. Books aren’t all masterpieces, and good-for-you foods sometimes tastes like shit.

I’m learning.

Free-form Friday

Friday, May 7th, 2010

It’s official: I am now the Social Media Editor for AudioFile magazine, the print and online resource for audiobooks! Tim Spalding, the founder of LibraryThing, let me know about the opportunity a couple of weeks ago, and it is truly a dream job for me on many levels. I’m very excited about the new community we’re launching on May 14, and will be sure to post an open invitation here once we’ve officially come out of beta. I hope you’ll join us even if you aren’t a regular audiobook listener; we’re going to have some exciting guest moderators, YA titles that you can download free from the publishing partners in our Sync teen summer listening program, and lively discussions about new and upcoming titles, technology in the publishing world, and so much more. I’m new to audiobooks myself, and have already been introduced to some great books and fabulous narrators.

That being said, what would your dream job in the bookish world be?

Free-form Friday

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about audiobooks this week, and I’m curious about the other bookish bloggers out there. Do you listen to audiobooks? How do you choose which books to listen to and which to read? Do you have favorite narrators whose audiobooks you’ll seek out? What resources do you use in order to choose your audiobooks? Do you get them from the library, buy them, use a web rental site? Have you ditched an audiobook because of the narrator? Do you think the quality of the reading affects your opinion of the book’s content?

Free-form Friday

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Today’s link is to my girlfriend’s new blog, and her post about the military, stop-loss, and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

I’ve always been connected to the military in one way or another; my dad was in the Navy, my brother in the Army, I have a good friend who is still in the Army now, and of course my partner is former Navy. We’ve talked about the possibility of her returning once the policy is repealed; it has its good and bad points, and we’ll certainly weigh them more deliberately when the time comes, but even the idea of it being an option is an indication of the fact that we, as a country, are finally making some great strides toward equality.

What are your thoughts? Share them here or there, or both!

Free-form Friday

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Prompted by a post by a close friend on a topic very near and dear to me, I think I’m going to make Fridays my “learn a little about Kirsten” day as opposed to learning about the books I’m reading. I’ll provide a link to a post, or create my own, about something related to my identity, my community, my little piece of the world. Maybe it’ll be deep and thoughtful, like today’s, or maybe it’ll be a photo-journal entry of my and Rachel’s most recent visit. Maybe a rant about the latest injustice in the workplace, or a rave about the new cosmetic product I couldn’t resist. Hopefully it’ll be interesting, fun, and enjoyable in some way for you.

Today’s link is to my friend’s blog entitled The Sartorial Butch (pictured above – isn’t she dashing?). This particular post is a bit off-topic from her typical stuff, but it really resonated for me and made me reflect on the ways misogyny is not reserved for males/men. I hope you’ll take a moment to read this thought-provoking post, and let me know what you think. How can you relate to the topic even if the language is different from what you’re accustomed to in your community and daily life? Is this something you’ve thought about considerably and have opinions to share? Something you’ve never really stopped to think about, but can come up with instances where it applies?

Head on over and drop a note, and let the SB know I sent you – take a look through her past posts, too; she’s got a fun blog with lots of useful hints and tips even for the non-butch-IDed among us.